Girls Inc. 

Girls Inc. is an after school program for girls that provides a safe area for the girls to play, learn, and grow into strong, smart and bold women. Gamma Phi's have been especially integral in helping out at Girls Inc., and the Gamma Tau chapter has been recognized by Girls Inc. of St. Louis for its contributions to the organization.

Girls Inc. is entirely volunteer-based. Thus, volunteers and donations are extremely helpful to the upkeep of the organization. As a chapter, we raise money and conduct food drives to donate to the organization and its families. These donations help fund the various programs put on by the organization.


Though donations are extremely important, what is truly amazing about Gamma Phi's philanthropic relationship with Girls Inc. is our ability to develop an actual authentic relationship with the girls who attend the organization. We provide our members with the opportunity to attend the program at least once a semester, but many chose to attend more than once. The girls at Girls Inc. adore the Gamma Phis and always tend to latch onto our girls right when they walk through the door. While we are there,we attend the after school programs along with the girls. These programs include classes in economic literacy, peer relationships, leadership, safety, and social responsibility. The Gamma Phis also are able to help girls with their school work ranging anywhere from practice spelling tests to balancing chemical equations!


Most importantly, the Gamma Phis provide the girls with the role models they need. As a sorority, our goal is to inspire the highest type of womanhood, and we accomplish this hand in hand with the Girls Inc. motto of inspiring girls to be strong, smart and bold. Girls Inc. allows Gamma Phi to truly live out its philanthropic mission by showing girls exactly what a strong, smart, and bold woman looks like.