Gamma Phi Beta  Invites You to 



Why Gamma Phi?   

Greek Life offers an experience unlike any other. By joining Greek life, a student is joining a welcoming community that seeks to bring out the best in their members, as well as make a positive impact on their community. Membership in panhellenic sororities such  as Gamma Phi Beta can provide collegitate

women with unique oppurtunities in leadership and campus involvement both within Greek life and

beyond.  They will also participate in community service, educational programs focused on personal development and academic achievement, and a variety of social activities. It is these experiences that  help foster life long friendships and connections.




Many girls choose to go through recruitment in order to meet new people and find their "home away from home". It's our hope that every girl is able to achieve this either in Gamma Phi or one of the other six wonderful Panhellenic  sororities on SLU's campus. 

We encourage all those considering participating in recruitment to do so using the link on our page. 


As a chapter, we always look forward to recruitment because it gives us new sisters and helps us grow closer to our current ones. As active members, we put countless hours into practices and set-ups so that every potential new member has a great experience. Although recruitment is a lot of time and work, it always pays off to see our newest sisters run home to us on Bid Day. We had an amazing time recruiting and welcoming PC '19 and we can't wait to do it all again this fall. We are SO excited to meet you!!!