Recruitment Information

When is recruitment this year? Formal recruitment took place September 3-7, 2020. The week consisted of two nights of rotationals, a day dedicated to philantrophy, preference day, and bid day. More information regarding next years' recruitment is coming soon.

Do I need a letter of recommendation? Gamma Phi Beta doesn't require potential new members to acquire a recommendation letter, however it can be a great way for us to get to know you. A letter can be submitted by any current or alumni member of Gamma Phi by going to the Gamma Phi Beta website. 

What does it mean to be a legacy to Gamma Phi? Gamma Phi's legacy policy states that "A sister, daughter, granddaughter or great-granddaughter of a Gamma Phi Beta shall be given special consideration for membership." The policy also applies to step-daughters, sisters, granddaughters, etc. Having legacy status does not guarantee a bid to any Gamma Phi chapter. More information on this can be found on the Gamma Phi Beta national website.  

Does the Gamma Tau Chapter participate in spring/informal recruitment? Our chapter only participates if our numbers allow us to take more members. 


What should I wear/bring for recruitment? This will all be explained by your Pi Chi (a disassociated upperclassman who will be your guide for the week). However, we recommend 2-3 cute bottoms to wear with a t shirt (given out before recruitment in August) as well as a formal outfit such as a jumpsuit, dress, skirt, etc. Overall, choose your clothes and accessories based on your personal style and what makes you feel your best!